Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Can I make a Custom Request that isn't available on the store?


Shoot me a message with your details and Ill do what I can!

Do you use AI generated art?

In short, yes. DrawDadDraw believes that all Art is expressive and welcome.

Below is some of the software I use to create Digital Paintings or Photo manipulated Art.


Software -

  • Figma
  • Kriya
  • Canva
  • IbisPaintX

Current AI-Software:

  • MidJourney
  • Stable Diffusion
  • Dalle-2
  • Playground.AI

How long have you been digitally painting?

I'm showing my age with this one, but ever since Windows 95 and MS Paint. That would be close to on and off for 30 years.

I would create graphics and Pixel Art in high school during Typing Class, which eventually evolved into meeting a coding genius friend who happened to start his own Online 2D MMORPG game just at 13 years old!

We met on a forum and I became his assistant in making all the Pixel Art Weapons for his game, Rilphia Saga. He is more of a developer and I am more the Artist.

We have both since split projects and with fatherhood as priorities, but are still close and I highly recommend checking out his work and games. He is a highly talented and skilled developer working on a new 3D MMO called Valorbound, which can be found here:

Support Team Scionica and checkout Valorbound!

Thank you Tony!

Do you have any tips for customers looking to create custom art designs?


Have a general idea of what you are looking to create, how you would like it done, and the means or challenges faced in creating it.

The more precise you become, the more effective you become as a designer.

How long is shipping usually?

Standard Process


1-3 Days for Order Processing

2-3 Days for Fulfillment

Estimated Shipping Lead Time - (7-15 Days)


MEM (Amish Collection) only

5-11 Days Standard Shipping

2-3 Days on Expedited Shipping

(Must addon MEM - Expedited Shipping "Product" to your order.)


Note: Shipping times can take anywhere from 3-15 business days depending on the product, availability, and any delays by the Government or Mailing service.

Shipping Rates are available in the Shipping Policies section.

What about Returns?

Please review the Return Policy carefully. We do not return products if you ordered something and simply 'don't like it.'

Buyer Beware!

We also recommend double or triple checking your phone model, or size the space of your wall before ordering our products.

There has been some instances where a person wasn't paying attention and ordered the wrong type.

We can replace damaged items, as long as there is screenshots of proof of damage upon receipt of your product.

If you refuse to provide a screenshot of any damages, or try to circumvent our returns process - we will not be able to assist you.

I ordered and it appears darker than the image online, what gives?

Couple be a number of reasons:

Images online are often in a different format than printed. Often, monitors or phone screens have their brightness too high, which may result in paper or products being printed darker.

Unless you have calibrated your printer to match your monitor, or have specified CMYK or Pantone colors, then printed output is almost certain to look different than what you see on your screen. The colors are even likely to look different on another monitor.

72 dpi is the standard for monitors but it`s too little for printing. A low-resolution iPhone image might look great on your computer but when enlarging it for a big print it's most likely going to lack details and look pixelate. 300 dpi is used for printing.

The other could be an issue with the Print File. If the Print File does not meet supplier specs, it can throw off printing.