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Anu the Great Dragon - iPhone Dual-layer protection Tough Phone Case

Anu the Great Dragon - iPhone Dual-layer protection Tough Phone Case

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Anu, the Sumerian God, is a prominent figure in ancient Mesopotamian mythology, revered as the god of the heavens, lord of constellations, and king of gods, spirits, and demons.

According to Sumerian beliefs, Anu held a position of paramount authority, presiding over the celestial realm and playing a crucial role in the governance of the universe.In Sumerian mythology, Anu was associated with the forces of light, order, and divine authority. As the god of the heavens, he was venerated as the ultimate source of cosmic harmony and balance. Anu's benevolent influence was believed to extend across the entire pantheon, guiding the actions of the gods and maintaining the cosmic order.Anu's significance in Sumerian religion was profound, as he was revered as the father of the gods and a wise and just ruler. His role in the divine hierarchy exemplified his status as a stabilizing force and a source of guidance for both deities and mortals.

The ancient Sumerians held Anu in the highest esteem, offering prayers and supplications to seek his favor and blessings. The mythological narratives surrounding Anu depicted him as a figure of great wisdom, compassion, and divine authority. His presence was believed to bestow blessings, protection, and prosperity upon those who honored him with reverence and devotion. Drawing inspiration from the timeless legacy of Anu, we present  a symbol of divine protection and strength.

Crafted with the utmost care and precision, this phone case embodies the enduring spirit of Anu, offering unparalleled protection for your iPhone. Embrace the power of the heavens with Anu, the Great Dragon featuring:

  • Dual-layered protection inspired by the balance of the cosmos
  • Impact-resistant polycarbonate outer shell for celestial strength
  • TPU inner liner for divine impact absorption
  • Precisely aligned port openings for cosmic connectivity
  • Stylish design reflecting the splendor of the heavens

Experience the divine protection of Anu, available exclusively for your iPhone devices. Harness the power of the heavens to safeguard your phone in style.

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